- 911 i have an emergency.
- What's going on, miss?
- I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but i miss my babies
- Teen wolf cast?
- Yep. And hurts so much sometimes. Can you help me?
- Sorry, i can't .
- Why?
- Because i miss them too.


When more is MORE!!! Looking at you @rupaulsdragcon!!! Can't wait till 2018!!! https://t.co/SUQtslVJeT

๐ŸŠ you glad it's ๐ŸŒฒ;) https://t.co/bf3yPo10hs

Pool side... https://t.co/9Lm6OUUi4S

Go see โ€œThe Shape Of Water!โ€ @actordougjones is majestic as Amphibian Man. It takes a certain level of skill to pull off what Jones has throughout his career. Much respect. โ€˜Tis an honor to have worked with you, sir.

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