‘Hatched’ lets its protagonist, Kay (a strong performance by Teen Wolf actor @MelissaPonzio1 ) shoulder the story with admirable grit. One is reminded of Frances McDormand’s Mildred Hayes (but much less seething anger). https://t.co/A06qMNhG9r

wow...postcard mailed in 1993 finally arrives...if you know Leena and Muhammad Ali Kizilbash, someone is looking for them ::: https://t.co/1n5vFJVDeC

Under the waves in the English Channel over the weekend, biologist came face to face with an enormous underwater denizen: a 5-foot-long barrel jellyfish.

Happiest of birthdays to the soul of Firehouse51 @TaylorKinney111 who brings our Lieutenant Kelly Severide to #ChicagoFire! 💗 Your One Chicago Family wishing you an awesome day. 🎈

By 2100, almost one in four people will be 65 years old or older, while one in 20 will be younger than five https://t.co/h9a4PJzm5z

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