We haven’t changed a bit…well, maybe the hair…but I would rock a claw with you any day!!! Love you more @melissarancourt ❤️❤️❤️ #BACON #JIL #Lancers https://t.co/5ZAtLweuHJ

I’ve always been this…this also informs a lot about my childhood = allowed to frolic on massive land moving equipment in a mod one piece. https://t.co/EGWvERB3HF

the first ep of @BridgewaterPod drops on friday but I've no doubt that we can get it to #1 on the fiction charts before then- #1 spots are where you belong @mishacollins!

(also cannot WAIT for BW to someday have its own ao3 tag, the highest honor you can be bestowed as a writer) https://t.co/DgUyXER4Js

Seems odd that we're not #1 in the fiction charts... https://t.co/Lpmk9WeAto

Current mood = Gerta Bean Girl 🥰 https://t.co/5KOCwTDqtk

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