Pro Tip ::: when painting the ceiling, reuse your face shield from set to shield your face from splatter! #DIY

#MoonDayMemories #TeenWolf BTS ::: YO!!! this Friday is the anniversary of our cute little @teenwolf series finale…here are some final days of shooting, so many memories…

Herstory in the making! 💕👑

Condragulations to our very own Supermodel of the World @RuPaul on becoming the most awarded person of color in #Emmys history! 😍 #DragRace

thank you to everyone who joined @Fantom_Fest
this weekend!!! was wonderful to see you all & spend time with you...hope to see you all IRL soon enough. stay safe till then friends!! xo

”Immanent” is easily confused with “imminent” and “eminent” since they all sound quite similar. However, “imminent” refers to something happening soon, while “eminent” describes something that stands out prominently. “Immanent” is an adjective for an inherent quality.

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