some things i like...popcorn, catching first/second season episodes of original #LawAndOrder, 20 minute naps, raw cookie dough, making people happy, the last 10 minutes of any home design show for the reveal, pizza, dogs that smile, rain. what about you?

this is a compliment to @ReallyCody for making #Theo so believably bad, because Cody is the total opposite mega sweetheart...and let's all watch #AllAmerican and #AssassinationNation to see Cody impress us all over again :)))

Gabbe Perkins@gperks24

I hate Theo raeken no matter how many times I watch it. Shit. But you know who I’ll always like? @MelissaPonzio1 & @Ornyadams

#Bentley makes us happy :))) @PuppiesMMHappy #PupsAndCoffee @natashaknapton

#MoonDayMemories #TeenWolf BTS ::: wish we were getting the band back together...

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